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Terms and Conditions

1.A contest “Daily Game Lottery” (further called “the Contest”) is aimed to attract users to and to promote the site of DoubleGames Company.

2.An organizer (further called “the Organizer”) of the Contest is the site

3.The Contest takes place in a global internet network on site and its subsidiary sites at the same time:

4.Terms of the Contest.
4.1.The Contest is held during the period from 09/09/2009 00:00 (GMT-8) to 10/09/2009 23:59 (GMT-8).
4.2.The Contest is divided into 30 (thirty) equal independent Games of 24 hours each.
4.3.The reception of application for participation in the Contest starts at 00:00 (GMT-8) 09/09/2009 and ends at 23:59 (GMT-8) 10/09/2009.

5.Participation in the Contest:
5.1.Only natural persons registered on the site and applied in time for participation can take part in the Contest (further called the Participant)
5.2.Employees of the Organizer, family members of such employees, affiliated persons, other employees and family members who are directly related to the Organizer are not allowed to take part in the Contest.
5.3.For participation in each Game the Organizer withdraws 40 (forty) Clovers from the account of the Participant.

5.4.By picking a number user becomes the Participant and automatically agrees to be bound by the terms of this Contest as listed in this Terms and Conditions document.
5.5.Each natural person can participate in the Contest from one account only.
5.6.The Participant agrees to get informational letters referring the Contest from the Organizer. Copyright for those materials belongs to the Organizer or its suppliers.
5.7.The aim of the Participant is to choose one, or two, or three numbers listed by the Organizer.

6.Winner selection and prizes.
6.1.The winners are determined by the Organizer within 2 (two) hours after the end of each of 30 Games. This decision is based on the information gathered by the Organizer.
6.2.The winners are 10 (ten) Participants randomly selected by the Organizer.
6.3.The list of winners will be placed on the contest page of and its subsidiary sites listed in the paragraph 3.
6.4.The prizes are 300 End-User Licenses for downloadable games presented on the site in the categories PC Games ( and Mac Games (
6.5.If the winner refuses to get the prize, the organizer has the right to give the prize to the Participant who is following the winner in the Contest’s statistics.

7.Rights and obligations of the Participant.

7.1.The rights of the Participant:
7.1.1.Become familiar with the Terms and Conditions.
7.1.2.Take part in the Contest following all the Terms and Conditions.
7.1.3.Get the prize in case if the Participant is declared the winner of the Contest according to the Terms and Conditions document.
7.1.4.Receive notification via e-mail concerning any changes in the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.
7.2.Obligations of the Participant.
7.2.1.Perform all the actions listed in the section 7 of the Terms and Conditions document.
7.2.2.In case the Participant is declared a winner, this Participant has to perform all the actions listed in the section 10 of the current Terms and Conditions document.
7.2.3.Allow the Organizer to use the Participants name, photo, interview or other materials about the Participant related to his participation in the Contest, for the purpose of promotion and advertising of the Contest.

8.Rights and obligations of the Organizer.

8.1.Obligations of the Organizer.
8.1.1.To arrange the contest according to the current terms and conditions.
8.1.2.Give the prize to the winner according to the current terms and conditions.
8.2.The rights of the Organizer.
8.2.1.The Organizer has all rights provided by the current Terms and Conditions document.
8.2.2.Refuse to give the prize to the winner in case any of the actions listed in the section 10 of the current document is not performed.

9.The way of concluding the agreement between the Organizer and the Participant.

The agreement between the Organizer and the Participant is concluded in the following manner:
A natural person applies for participation in the Contest when he agrees to all the Terms and Conditions. If the application follows all the requirements listed in the section 5 of this document, the Organizer accepts it, and the natural person becomes the Participant. The moment when all this actions are performed the agreement between the Organizer and the Participant is concluded.

10.Terms and conditions of giving the prize to the winner of the Contest.

10.1.The prize will be sent to the winner by e-mail during 3 (three) working days after the information about the winner is posted on the site.
10.2.The prizes are sent only to the e-mail address of the winners.
10.3.To get the prize the winner must perform the following actions:
10.3.1.Give the Organizer all the contact information necessary for the e-mail delivery.
10.3.2.The Organizer chooses the way of delivery and the company carrying out the delivery.
10.4.The Organizer doesn't exchange the prizes for money or other goods.
10.5.The appearance of the prizes can differ from its pictures on the advertisement materials.
10.6.The winner does not get the prize if he has not followed all the Terms and Conditions of the Contest.
10.7.When the prize was delivered to the winner, he is in charge of its state.
10.8.The responsibility of the Organizer is limited by the cost of the presents listed in the current document.
10.9.The responsibility for the prizes’ quality is limited by the warranty of the producer.
10.10.If the prize will be returned because the winner refused to receive it, the prize can't be claimed second time.
10.11.The Organizer is not responsible for out-of-sequence delivery, damage or loss of the prize by the ISP companies. The Organizer doesn't send the prize again.
10.12.The Organizer has the right to ask for all necessary information to perform all his obligations of prize delivery. After the Participant have refused to provide any information asked, the Organizer is not responsible for delivery and presentation of the prize.

11.The way of dealing with the unclaimed prizes after the dead line.

The conditions of the Contest don't obligate the Organizer to keep prizes after the end of all terms. The winners can't claim the prize after the end of all terms. All the prizes remain in the Organizer’s disposal, and he can use them anyway he likes.

12.The way of informing the Participants of the Contest about the Terms and Conditions.

12.1.The Participants can be informed about the terms and conditions of the Contest on the site
12.2.If the Organizer decides to prolong the terms of the Contest, change the prize fund, or make other changes, these changes must be posted on the site.
12.3.The Organizer reserves the right to post additional information about the Contest.
12.4.The Organizer reserves the right not to participate in any discussions or contacts with the Participants of the Contest.

13.Special conditions.

13.1.The Organizer is not responsible for any mistakes participants make, like any kinds of expanses, straight or indirect loss.
13.2.The Organizer is not responsible for any technical problems with Participant’s internet connection, and the actions/inactivity of his internet-provider.
13.3.The decisions the Organizer makes about the Contest are final and can't be reassessed.
13.4.Participation in the Contest means that the Participant read and is fully agree with the following terms and conditions document.
13.5.The Participant agrees to get all the correspondence concerning the Contest.
13.6.The Organizer leaves at his discretion the ability to cancel any of the applications, prohibit further participation in the Contest for any person who is faking the result of the Contest, getting any benefit from the Contest, or breaking any of the current rules listed in the Terms and Conditions document. The Organizer can prohibit further participation to the Participants who are acting in a destructive way, or try to annoy, offend, threaten, or disturb any other Participant.
13.7.If any of the Contest's stage can't be held as it was planned, due to virus attack, Internet problems, defects, unauthorized intrusion, faking the results, technical problems, or other reasons that can't be controlled by the Organizer which causes the performance, security, integrity of the Contest, the Organizer has the right to cancel all the results of the Contest, stop the Contest, change the Terms and Conditions of the Contest, or perform any other actions.